Blue is the Colour! - Shaleena Nowbuth
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Blue is the Colour!

Shaleena Nowbuth  Uncategorized   Blue is the Colour!

Blue is the Colour!


There is one colour that is guaranteed to make my heart sing and it is Blue. Blue is one of my favourite colours and naturally I have used it for my logo which defines and reflects my brand as a fashion designer. Beautiful and powerful, it is the perfect colour for any season. Blue is also the colour of the throat chakra which expresses truth and is considered pure and honest.



I was going through my photos on my phone and came across this! Here I was in an electric blue dress which I had designed and made a while ago. So, this is how it started! I was in Mumbai on a holiday break and I took the opportunity for fabric shopping at one of the fascinating markets. I was browsing around nonchalantly and this electric blue satin silk fabric caught my eye. At that moment, I had no idea what I want to do with it but I just loved it at first glance and bought it on impulse. If there is one fabric that defines the 80’s formal dress, it is definitely satin which has the characteristic of being both classy and comfortable at the same time.


Back to London, I keep all my fabric in my studio and it happened that after few months when I got back from my Mumbai holiday, I had a fashion show in Cambridge for a charity cause. Like the holidays, the months leading up to the fashion show were chaotic. What to wear? No, seriously, what to wear? With an overwhelming number of ideas flooding my mind, I noticed the electric blue fabric that was my proud holiday purchase!! That’s it I thought to myself! I will wear an outfit from this gorgeous fabric! I started narrowing down the potential dress styles to move a step in the right direction. My mind was already running wild and I quickly sketched the dress design on paper.

I wanted a sleek and sophisticated dress with a slight spin on classic fashion. With a beautiful neckline and a red-carpet leg slit, the luxurious fabric turned into a beautiful silhouette dress with the help of my mum’s fabulous stitching skills.

Are you on the hunt for a sophisticated style?

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