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Need a holiday!!

Shaleena Nowbuth  Uncategorized   Need a holiday!!

Need a holiday!!



Is anyone dreaming of warmer weather? I am ready for the beautiful spring weather that we are lucky to experience in London at the moment. The end of winter always makes me think of a tropical vacation. We had a holiday break in the scenic island of Mykonos last mid-year and it was the perfect time for a warm escape.



As I was planning our vacation, I started looking forward to the resort wardrobe refresh that comes with it. Vacation style means light and breezy by day and classy with an air of romance by night. Just like the little black dress is a must-have, so is the all-white dress for any holiday. The all white dress is a staple in my closet, especially around the winter to springtime transition.



I love designing my own dresses which allows me to express my style and my inspiration is reflected on my mood at the time. I already had in mind a beautiful white maxi dress with slits on both sides even before I started to put my thoughts on paper. Once I started to sketch the garment my creative juices flowed, and my hand responded accordingly and transferred my inspiration and thoughts on paper. The result was a free-flowing relaxing white dress and I was pleased with the result. In no time I moved to turning my sketch into reality. I was really excited to see the final product and was impatient to try on the completed dress!



Whether you are lounging at an all-inclusive hotel somewhere exotic or chilling on the beach and soaking up the sunshine, all white is a mandatory garment to feel comfortable and keep you relaxed. It forms an integral part of the relaxing therapy for vacations. White lace dresses provide a timeless, classic look that keep you looking delicate and feminine whilst feeling confident and radiant at the same time.

Watch out for the latest Shaleena Nowbuth resort wear collection 2019 coming soon!

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