Prepping for your upcoming beach vacation? - Shaleena Nowbuth
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Prepping for your upcoming beach vacation?

Shaleena Nowbuth  Blog   Prepping for your upcoming beach vacation?

Prepping for your upcoming beach vacation?

Whether you are lounging at an all-inclusive hotel somewhere exotic or chilling on the beach and soaking up the sunshine, you can always keep your style statement high whilst recharging your mind, body and soul.

Deriving inspirations from the lush beauty of the Greek God and the traditional charm and modern style of the stunning and picturesque Greek Island of Mykonos, I am bringing this summer a new range of Resort Wear 2019 for men. A year ago, when I was researching on my latest collection, it just came into my mind to introduce a menswear collection which I have been contemplating for a while now!


To say the modern man cares about his clothes would be a big understatement. Long gone are the days where fashion was only for women. Nowadays gentlemen from all walks of life are not embarrassed to admit that they care about the way they look and dare I even say — shopping?

The harem trousers and robe embody the modern, sophisticated attitude of the SN Menswear. The harem is beautifully stitched and the robe is embellished with mesmerising handcrafted embroidery providing a stylish outfit for the modern man. This all white pure cotton collection with beautiful handcrafted blue embroidery embraces the vibrancy of marine life, as depicted by Greek- inspired seaside.


These are the go-to resort wear pieces for guys who want to look chic yet maintain an unpretentious attitude.

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