Ready to take on the world? Try mediation! - Shaleena Nowbuth
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Ready to take on the world? Try mediation!

Shaleena Nowbuth  Blog   Ready to take on the world? Try mediation!

Ready to take on the world? Try mediation!


Meditation is a beautiful and powerful practice that helps me to relax and soothe my mind and body. In order to get the optimum results meditation should ideally be carried out early in the morning. I am usually an early riser and I have made it a habit to commence my day with meditation practice. An early morning meditation session recharges me, gives me a boost of energy and prepares me for the challenges of the day. This ancient spiritual technique helps me to become more creative and productive both in my personal and professional life.


My first experience of meditation happened at a very young age when my father used to take me and my younger sister to a yogi for yoga and meditation classes. I had also learned meditation from the art of living during my teenage years after following a course from the famous Shri Shri Ravi Shankar.

After my yoga sequences in the morning, I sit cross legged on a mat and close my eyes. I do a couple of pranayama (breathing exercises) which is a wonderful way to help refresh and settle down both the body and the mind as a preparation for meditation. I focus on my breathing rhythm which helps to channel my energy to all different parts of my body. My main focus is on the third eye where one can experience a beautiful white/yellow bright light. This causes my mind to temporarily forget the material world and I start to follow the beautiful light creating an out of body experience.


Meditation makes me happy, rejuvenates me and improves me to perform at the very highest level in any task that I undertake. It also helps to boost my creativity which is vital in my profession as a fashion designer. This practice is key to inspiring my work on a regular basis and this is reflected in my various collections to date. Without meditation I feel my creative mind would be limited!

You are feeling good now, aren’t you? Ready to try meditation in order to boost your energy and motivation!

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