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The bride in red

Shaleena Nowbuth  Blog   The bride in red

The bride in red


Today I was organising my drawers when I came across my wedding album. I smiled and picked up the album and started to flick through the pictures of the memorable day. I still remember 6 months before my wedding when I started designing mine and my husband outfits to coordinate for our big day, or should I say big days as ours was a Hindu wedding which traditionally lasts 4 days! On my wedding day I wore a beautiful traditional red lehenga choli (long skirt and crop top).  The red lehenga was custom made and was filled with heavy golden embroidery which was man-made.


Most of wedding dresses in China, India, Mauritius, Pakistan and Vietnam are red, a traditional colour of good luck. Hindu brides are asked to wear red during the wedding proceedings since it stands for prosperity and fertility. Wearing a red wedding dress is a sign of warmth and love. As weddings are one of the most auspicious occasions, red has been a constant companion of Hindu brides. It is the colour of a new life. Red signifies an eternal bond that is to be forged between the bride and the groom.


In most Western cultures, brides adopt the famous traditional white gown for their big day. However colourful and vibrant wedding gowns have become a new trend and are making a regular appearance at Western weddings. Modern brides are breaking from tradition and moving away from the mainstream and going for a stand out look that can reflect their personalities. This trend was confirmed and came closer to home when a customer based in Paris contacted me to design a custom-made red gown for her wedding.  Once the order was confirmed I got my creative juices flowing and after sketching a few designs, I agreed to the final choice with the customer. The gown was an elegant red dress in net material and covered with Swarovski crystals. I was pleased with the final result and it gave me a lot of satisfaction when the customer was delighted with the dress for one of her most important and joyful days of her life.


What colour are you planning to wear on your big day?


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