What should be another word for black dress? - Shaleena Nowbuth
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What should be another word for black dress?

Shaleena Nowbuth  Blog   What should be another word for black dress?

What should be another word for black dress?

I would say, it is glamorous. A black dress is the best way to add a sophisticated appeal to your personality. Black dresses have been dominating the fashion world since 1920. Coco Chanel was the first to coin the fashion term ‘black dress’ back in the 1920’s and has become an iconic garment ever since.


We all have those days when we look in our closet full of clothes but still have nothing to wear! A few days ago, I had a formal function to attend and I could not find anything in my wardrobe to suit the occasion! I then thought to myself why not design and stitch a new dress for the occasion! I already had this beautiful black velvet fabric that I had purchased on impulse last year whilst browsing one of the fabric shops in London.  Not a lot of fabric can rival the richly royal and plush luxurious look and feel of velvet. I still remember when I was very young, my mum used to stitch velvet dresses for me and my sister for special occasions such as birthdays and weddings.


I am deeply inspired by the 80’s trend. The fierce 80’s-inspired puff-sleeve dresses are back in style and my creative juices get flowing and I quickly sketch the dress design on paper whilst all excited about the outcome of the finished product. Dresses can become so easy to make when using dress patterns and I cut out the pattern in no time once I have finalised the design.  Before I knew it I was well away in making the dress with my mum help and within 2 days the final product was ready to wear!


Black dress is a wardrobe staple for all women regardless of body shape and size. It is the ultimate fashion saviour to look sharp and feel confident!

Do you have a black dress in your wardrobe…? If not it is high time to get one!!


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